“Not very likely for our debut song to become No.1… Really? That’s good!” says WINNER (Interview)

The training sessions, the very moment their debut was decided, and the very first stage of their performance as a professional singer have all been made public. YG’s new boy group, WINNER, has an enormous headstart. They composed all the songs in their full-length debut album. They demonstrated their talents by dominating major music charts with their title song and other songs in their album. Now 10 days into their debut, the No. 1 trophy now seems to be in their grasp.

 WINNER (Leader KANG SEUNG YOON, KIM JIN WOO, LEE SEUNG HOON, SONG MIN HO, NAM TAE HYUN) is doing very well with their debut album ’2014 S/S.’ Recently meeting up with TV Report for an interview, the members of WINNER seemed very thrilled to start their career as a professional singer. The five of them never stopped smiling and laughing despite their back-to-back schedule. “We’re happy about everything although we are very busy,” they said.

“We didn’t expect that our songs would do this well,” they said. “It feels really good to think that many people listen and relate to our songs. It’s all the more rewarding because we wrote them ourselves. We’re so happy to see our songs high on the charts, because it represents the public’s recognition.”

 The rankings of music programs aired by broadcasting stations are determined by the aggregate result of music downloads and charts, scores on SNS and the number of text messages sent during the live show. WINNER is doing well in terms of music downloads and charts, and SNS scores. This is why WINNER is expected to rank No. 1, even as it has been only 15 days into their debut.

 “Frankly speaking, becoming No. 1 right after the debut is not necessarily positive,” said WINNER. “If our song ranks No. 1 from the beginning, then people might think we’re doing worse when our next song ranks second. We’re worried about it. Having said that, it can motivate us to do better and build upon our success. Good music sometimes comes out of that kind of positive pressure.”

“Ranking first on a TV music program? Is it really possible? We haven’t thought about it yet. Do you think it’s really likely? If that comes true, it would be so good. No singer would hate it. Of course we’d love to. We’d be very pleased. That would also help us deliver on our promise we had made if our song ranks top. No. 1? That would be really good. Ha-ha.”

Credits : YG Life


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