PSY with YG Family’s youngsters: “Jealous of their pep”

PSY, aged 37, unveiled a very heart-warming scene with the fellow YG artists at YG Family Concert.  Immediately after the concert was over on August 15, PSY tweeted, “I am jealous of their pep,” with a photo.

 In the photo PSY poses with WINNER, TEAM B, AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU) and LEE HI. They all smile brightly at the camera. AKMU’s LEE CHAN HYUK holds a towel that reads “YG FAMILY.”

 They appeared as headliners of the “AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014” held on August 15 to showcase YG Family Concert. Other artists from YG like BIGBANG, 2NE1 and EPIK HIGH also appeared to heat up the 35,000 fans.

 At the concert on August 16, the world-renown pop star Lady Gaga will appear as the headliner.

Credits : YG Life


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