WINNER, A Rookie Like A Veteran… The Extraordinary Record

YG’s new boy group WINNER is showing a distinct power. Upon their debut, they swept all music charts, then took the No.1 in music shows in the shortest period of time for a rookie singer. That has proven WINNER’s potential once again.

WINNER became a runner for the top rank in cable channel Mnet’s music show “M-Countdown” that was live-broadcasted on the 21 in the afternoon, upon their debut. The record was achieved within 10 days from the release of their debut album “2014 S/S” on the 12 and within 17 days from their debut performance in SBS’s music show “INKIGAYO” on the 17. Such an achievement is a very rare case for a rookie, so WINNER came under a big spotlight.

Before that, WINNER took a very good first step by taking the No.1 on nine major music charts in Korea, with their title track “empty”. Plus, they have proven a big potential not like that of a rookie, by making all the songs in their debut album enter top places on charts, which is a very rare case for even top singers.

 What is more meaningful is that all the songs in their debut album were written by the members themselves. They took part in writing the melody and lyrics of all those 10 songs. They not only exerted their musical potential by taking the responsibility of producing, but also been recognized for their talent and skills. This shows that WINNER has been working hard to develop their musical talent and skills so far.

 WINNER maintained their No.1 on music charts for a week. They defended the place on Korea’s biggest music-streaming website Melon despite fierce challenge by new songs, and other songs in the debut album including the other double title track “Color Ring” have been enjoying a great popularity, too. They have set a record which is very rare for a rookie singer, living up to the big expectations for their music.

 Furthermore, WINNER also took the No.1 on the weekly download chart, digital chart, and album chart on the 34th week’s Gaon chart (August 10 to 16). On the download chart, the No.1 to 3 were taken by “empty”, “Color Ring”, and “Don’t’ flirt”, making the past week the week of “WINNER”. Notably, as all the songs in their debut album were ranked in top 20, the total number of download recorded 1,688,521. That is not an easy achievement for a rookie group.

 WINNER has also been standing under the spotlight on the global stage. Their debut album took the No.1 on the iTunes album chart of five foreign countries: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Plus, WINNER topped China’s Dien Fung chart’s popularity index, which is automatically produced by calculating the variability in the number of streaming cases within a given week. WINNER’s popularity has begun even before their debut and to continue the popularity, WINNER will soon to make an official debut in Japan, too.

 As such, WINNER has created sensation and garnered extraordinary achievement for 10 days after their debut. They are to further boost their popularity, through their No.1 in music show, which was recorded in the shortest period of time in history, from their debut. People are paying keen attention to how WINNER’s next step will create a new history, while strengthening their position day after day by setting new records after their debut with an emotional hip-hop song.

Credits : YG Life


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