WINNER, “Satisfied with album, thanks to YANG’s harsh advice”

Knocking down charts immediately after debut, WINNER is sweeping across the music world. They explain, “Our boss YANG HYUN SUK gave us a lot of harsh advice, and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.”

 WINNER kicked off their musical journey when they released the album “2014 S/S” on August 12, which includes the double title tracks “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING.” Not only did they knock down all charts, but several of their songs are lined up in the top range.

 It is more meaningful as they were involved in writing and composing every single track. Their original debut date was postponed, but they focused on perfecting the album. It was a long time of patience and training.

 At an interview with OSEN, NAM TAE HYUN said, “We all worked on the album together. We produced almost 40 songs. Worked everyday. But every time YANG eliminated a song from the list, it broke our heart. But we are satisfied to have songs that are much better.”

 On Mnet’s reality program “WINNER TV” aired to show the debuting process of WINNER, YANG was featured giving harsh comments to the members’ self-written songs. He evaluated every single song with a meticulous eye and harsh comments.

 KANG SEUNG YOON said, “We were able to grow thanks to the songs that got eliminated. He is intimidating, but his harsh advice helped us get here. I do think he gives us a lot of harsh comments, but that makes us grow stronger.”

 And their album is a huge hit overseas as well. They topped 5 iTunes around the world in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.

 It is unprecedented for a new group, but WINNER is thankful to the fans. They are happy to have an album that they can be satisfied with. It is more special because the album carries their distinct color.

 KANG SEUNG YOON added, “We are really satisfied with the album. We are proud that our debut album was created by just the five of us. We never thought of ranking #1 on charts, but as our songs are doing so well, it would be a lie to say that we don’t want to maintain this. We promised the fans, too.”

 WINNER will be continuing promotion with “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING.”

Credits : YG Life


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