WINNER Story #2 : “What’s the pros and cons of each member? ‘’From Wit to Sensitivity’’

▶What are your pros and cons?

-Let’s talk about what you think of the others.

(SEUNG YOON to SEUNG HOON) ‘’First of all, he is handsome. Haha. He makes difficult decisions. He is so friendly so he always lightens the atmosphere. He is a smart trouble shooter. He is of course good at choreography and rap’’.

(SEUNG HOON to JIN WOO) “He is innocent. He is from a small island, so he has a pure soul. Whenever I have a personal difficulty, I talk to him rather than anyone. When we were trainees, we didn’t have a leader. Even at that time, he always tried to set the right direction for us and woke us up early in the morning. Personally, I think he played the biggest role in our debut album’’.

(JIN WOO to TAE HYUN) ‘’He looks good and sings well. He is full of charms. He is the youngest but he feels like a big brother. He is rather quiet and serious. He feels so mysterious’’.

(TAE HYUN to MIN HO) “He is very careful. He is so friendly and makes friends with everyone. He makes others feel good. He always tries to do that, too. Sometimes he is like a brother and sometimes a little brother. I like his personality.’’

(MIN HO to SEUNG YOON) ‘’He is a reliable leader for everyone. He has many things to learn from. He is so friendly and nice, so everyone likes him. When he comes across Mr. Yang at YG building, he always smiles and says hi first. I felt small in front of boss or elderly people in the past, but I changed that a lot looking at him. Not necessary to talk about music.’’

-Let’s talk about cons now.

(MIN HO to TAE HYUN) “This guy does not listen to what the other members say. Haha. That is not bad though. The youngest one always plays the role of lightening the atmosphere. But he is rather serious and makes the atmosphere serious sometime. So, he is chic, I should say. Am I being harsh on him? Haha.”

(TAE HYUN to JIN WOO) (After long time of thinking) “JIN WOO has no cons actually. In fact, he is a very good guy.”

(SONG MIN HO) “Wow, that make me wierd.”

(KANG SEUNG YOON) “Haha. I would talk about it then. First, SEUNG HOON is slow and sometimes he is not quick-witted. Sometimes, he could become less friendly, but he always is, so he makes the atmosphere awkward sometimes. Haha. JIN WOO is sometimes too nice. He does not go outside that frequently. He is not exposed to sunlight that much so sometimes he gets nervous, and he feels scary at those time.”

-What are the cons of SEUNG YOON?

(KANG SEUNG YOON) “I’m talking about that, too. I know it well. He talks a lot and he gets lazy sometimes. He cuts the conversation sometimes. I think he gets obsessed sometimes, too”

Credits : YG Life


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