WINNER’s ‘’empty’’ Takes No.1 in M-Countdown for 2 Weeks in a Row

WINNER has taken No.1 in ‘’M-Countdown’’ for two weeks in a row.

WINNER unveiled the performance of their debut song ‘’empty’’ in ‘’M-Countdown’’ aired on the 28. They began singing ‘’empty’’ in a dandy look that highlighted each one’s character. A sentimental feel was created through point choreography.

WINNER’s ‘’empty’’ ran for the No.1 with TAEMIN’s ‘’Danger’’. After a fierce competition, WINNER’s ‘’empty’’ took the top. Since WINNER was not present at the last moment, the audience could not listen to WINNER’s remarks.

‘’empty’’, the title track of WINNER’s debut album, is a unique song with sentimental guitar riff and impressive hook. It is a hiphop song that expresses an empty feeling in a mystical feel based on the sentimental guitar riff.

JJCC, LABOUM, Red Velvet, Ladies’ Code, Royal Pirates, Park Boram, BTS, BETStie, Say Yes, Boys Republic, Sunny Hill, SISTAR, WINNER, Zhang Li Yin, 4TEN, HIGH4 appeared in ‘’M-Countdown’’ on the day.

Credits : YG Life


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