Child Celebrity Song Jiah chooses WINNER as Favourite Singer

“Dad Where Are You Going”’s Song Jong Kook and kind image Song Ji-ah who are receiving a burning amount of love. Song Ji-ah, who we only knew as a young child, unvieled a fashion pictorial.

Out of the three concepts during the pictorial, she readily showcased her cute and lovely charms with adult-like poses and focus, receiving praise from the staff.

The first concept was a transformation into a ballerina, and caught the eye with a lovely view. She presented a ballerina-look with an ivory knit matched with a puffy skirt and another ballerina-look with a black leotard.

As the photoshoot continued, Song Jiah was styled in all-black from head to toe which resulted in a chic atmosphere that was never seen before. She revealed, “My friends like pink but I like black,” as she posed maturely.

For the last outfit, she was dressed in an energetic flower patterned skirt and a blouse with the detail of swan-shaped collars, heightening the photoshoot atmosphere with her cute and refreshing charms.

In an interview conducted, she gave child-like honest answers and made the environment fun. To the question of who she prefers between Yun Hu and Kim Minguk who are her “Dad Where Are You Going” costars, she shly answered “ Hu oppa”

Song Ji Ah received overwhelming interest for her recently released album. Regarding her future goals, she said she plans on being a singer and besides studying and playing at school, she listens and sings to songs all day.

When asked which singer she wanted to be like or a singer she liked, she immediately replied, “WINNER oppas!WINNER oppas are the best,” cheerfully.

Source: BNT
Translations: @timthemine+ chrissy96


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