Forever Seung Yoon’s ‘Happy 22nd Birthday KSY’ Project

Join us in wishing Seungyoon a Happy 22nd Birthday on the 21st of January,2015! Send us either a video or a picture to on or before 150105.

The videos will be compiled and uploaded on our YouTube channel.
(We are also planning on sending a copy of it to him!!)

The Do’s are mentioned above. For more details ask us as at!

Other Rules/Details based on FAQ’s :

  1. Deadline/Last Date : 5th January 2015 (150105)
  2. You can either attach your video to the mail or send us the link to an uploaded video in the mail. Same goes for the picture as well.
  3. Do not forget to mention or include your country.
  4. The maximum length of the video is 15 seconds.
  5. Please try and send us HQ videos/pictures.
  6. Submissions from a group of fans is preferred!
  7. Get creative with the content of the Video.
  8. Refrain from mentioning personal details like address,phone numbers etc.

Submissions that don’t follow all the rules will be either edited if possible or not included.


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