About Us

Originally, Forever Seung Yoon and Ksyupdates were two separate fanbases run by Dekwa and Grace respectively. Forever Seung Yoon was originally just a twitter account and Ksyupdates was a blog. Dekwa suggested that the two fanbases should join and hence, the Forever Seung Yoon (@ksyupdates) you know was born.

The proudest moment for FSY (so far) was when the birthday hashtag for Kang Seung Yoon’s 21st birthday worked out. The#WINNERSeungYoonDay hashtag was on the World Wide Trends list for about 1.5 hours and was No.1 for a total of approximately 45-50 minutes! Of course, it didn’t work simply because of us but was the result of all the Aces and Winner fanbases round the world working together!

Read : Kang Seung Yoon 21st Birthday Moments 

One thing you can notice is that in almost every article about Winner it is mentioned that our boys already have a strong, solid fandom even though they have not officially debuted.  Better yet, it is a very global fandom.  Those articles are talking about us! We are that fandom. Us, Incles. Time and time again Winner have said that they love us a lot and we think that Winner knows that we love them a lot too! YG has let us become an active factor in many ways, the most important being Winner’s debut. So it’s okay to take some credit, to feel very, very proud when they achieve something and to look at them with Omma Miso’s (motherly smiles).

Kang Seung Yoon has come a long way. From being Just Another Boyin Busan to becoming a Superstar and Today standing in front of us as WINNER. Uri Kang Leader! We’ll always be there for Seung Yoon.  It’s not a cliche statement when an idol or artist says “I get my strength from my fans”. It is true,. So let’s give them that strength. Forever Seung Yoon. Forever Winner. <3


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