The credits to all the pictures, translations, videos, etc of everything used in this blog goes to the rightful owners. Everything that is taken away from the blog is to be done so with FULL credits which are always mentioned at the bottom of every post.

We request for our mistakes, if any, to be pointed out to us, so we can correct them. While browsing through the blog, if you come across a broken link, a missing picture or anything odd at all, please inform us. It would be of great help!

All subbed videoes released by FSY are fan-subs. We don’t mean to infringe any copyright at all. The translations may also not be very accurate.

Please keep the comments critical. We are fully aware that we have to responsible for what we say.  However, we are still learning and we make mistakes too. We try our very best not to post false information  so we’d appreciate if we don’t get bashed when we make a mistake. We are regular people too, just fans like you; nothing less, nothing more.

Also, we don’t encourage ‘stalker‘ photos. We’ve decided to only post the fantaken pictures of Seung Yoon at official events (fanmeets, etc) and airport pictures. We would like to respect Seung Yoon’s privacy and stay out of his personal space. We would appreciate if you discourage such pictures as well.

We are also extremely against posts that go “Seung Yoon/Winner SPOTTED at xyz place”. He is not some sort of rare species! Yes, we have posted pictures that fall into these categories before and we apologize for doing so and promise not to do it anymore.

We will do our best to abide by our policies.


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