Kang Seungyoon with the cast of We Broke Up (150704)

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2ne1 Sandara Park Instagram Update (150417)

Trans : Cutie KangSeungYoonieDara catching the mood when the weather is good Dara noona with Seungyooooonie ✌️

Source : daraxxi Translation : grace for Ksyupdates

2ne1 Sandara Park’s Instagram Update (140817)

@daraxxi : 잘한다잘한다잘한다!!! 오늘 데뷔 무대 너무 잘했다~ 축하해!!! #winner #공허해 #컬러링

Trans : WellDoneWellDoneWellDone!!! You did really well on Today’s Debut Stage~Congrats!!! #winner #empty #ColorRing

Source : daraxxi | Translation : grace for Ksyupdates